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Slanguage of social media

Up front Selfie congratulations

July 2013

Evidence that Academic's do enjoy disseminating their knowledge. Actually this is a blatant moment of self-publicity, but in the name of 'impact' then it is only good manners to acknowledge the ardent work of journalists and their outputs, and Elizabeth Day's own technique is lovely and of the moment - and she mentions moi.

News of the 'global phenonmenon' of the digital selfie is easy to spot, but not as easy to research. Professor Martin Hand, Queens University, Toronto and myeslf are well under-way with our own analysis in this area.  We've started with the collation of some prime data from as far back as 2004, which brings us right up to the present day.

This much we know so far, 'selfie's' get under people's skin, as a self-referential point of self-congratulation; as much as an artifice construction of a social moment.

Of course the article is one item of interest; always though it's the Comments that shine. My favourite as of 11.21am, Sunday 14th July (today, right now) is the following:


Can we have a follow up article on why so many people now seem to be intent on constantly recording every single thing they ever do?

At a Frank Ocean gig on Tuesday, nearly everyone there was holding up their camera phone, taking videos or photos all the time. You'd think if you paid £35 to see a gig, you'd use your eyes.

So many people on Facebook and Twitter just have to record everything present within their lives, and I just don't get it. I'm not trying to come across as Scrooge and say all photos are terrible because they're clearly not. A photo can capture a beautiful moment and say so many things, but there can't be that much value in an Instagram-selfie that you put no real effort into.

Can we?.... Yes, yes we can JTaylor, research is already under way (see above).  Ah, more self-referential 'congratulation'. It's all getting a bit narcissist this post isn't it?...But there are many, many ways that researcher's can construct thoughts and ideas ,and this (the research and the writing) is one of them.