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Special Post: An invitation

March 2012

Dear All,

You knew Michael Hardey. Saturday 14th April, 2012 is the thirty-first anniversary of the first time he and I met and when we were matched as Dad and Daughter and co-conspirators. This day has never been ‘my birthday’, and has always been celebrated as ‘our day’, so it seems fitting this year to extend the invitation to everyone and for us all to pay our respects to dad on this date.

From our first moment together we have held onto each other - so tight. As a baby in his arms, my instinctive reaction was to wrap my fingers around his thumb having decided that (despite his fainting onto the floor and then leaving to go to the pub), together he and I would be able to do anything.

And we have.

It is then with a deep and gut-wrenching sadness that Dad and I can no longer hold onto each other. He died very suddenly at 06:25am on Tuesday 27th March 2012.

You will know Michael Hardey for being liberal with his age (61 years young since you ask), encouraging play and ownership of every Apple product, and for extending genuine and trusting friendship to you all.

Both Dad and I would like you to join us on our day, as a mark of respect to the man who once went to work with a mouse in his shoe, did not teach me how to cook, but led us (after a pint) to embark on a path that has been haphazard, mysterious, philosophical, full of fun and the most sincere and fulfilling relationship of my life which will never be replaced.

Truly yours and always dads,


Donations are welcome to the HDU Unit at York City Hospital (or can be made on the day) http://www.yorkhospitals.nhs.uk/index.php?id=295&ob=1

Saturday 14th April, 2012 | A celebration of the life of Michael Hardey

12:20 cremation at Bishopthorpe crematorium, York.

The service will be without religion or a minister. We will do things Dad’s way.

In the afternoon the main celebration of Mike’s life as your friend and as my father will be at Grays Court http://www.grayscourtyork.com/ 14:00-17:00pm

EVERYONE (especially little ones) WELCOME

Strict dress code – smart with a dash of Mike Hardey (no-one to come all black)!