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Slanguage of social media

Missing the message

June 2011

‘Noise about nothingness', turning off eMarketing: The disconnected consumer, identity and behavior

In the next couple of weeks I'll be attending, presenting and chairing at my first Marketing Conference, the internationally acclaimed: The Academy of Marketing. Hopefully this won't put me off for life.

One of my two papers will question the significance of forms of disconnection by consumers.

Marketers are notoriously quick to ride the horse of social media and gallop off into the sunset with promises of pastures new and a new horse, of course.

However not every consumer is the same and some deliberately disconnect from irrelevant channels of marketing noise as Facebook Fan Pages become more MySpace, more shouty and less, err, sophisticated.

I will be sure to post my presentation into the portfolio part of soseriouslysocial, in the interim I can tempt you with my initial findings from my research where respondents described marketing information as, ‘too pushy' and ‘loud-mouthed'.

To turn to the other cheek, the most powerful elements of persuasion came from recommendations from friends, who might be 'loud-mouthed', but 'were at least real'. So my initial conclusions suggest that it's OK to be noisy, but only if you're friends in the first place.