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item of note CRiVA

June 2013

Centre for Research into Violene and Abuse (CRiVA)

May I draw your attention to CRiVA, a new Research Centre at Durham University - set for launch this coming Thursday, 6th June 2013.

My invovlement here is for a rather interesting research project of note that has been funded by the institute for the Advanced Research into Computing (iARC);

Between Nicole Westmarland and myself our intention is to understand and address how forms of digital content may contribute to mediated forms of violence and abuse. In particular we are exploring four main areas:

  • All forms of 'violence' content against women (particularly sexual and domestic violence)
  • Content authors, troller's and perpetrators
  • Women's digital rights and mediated protection
  • Links to activism (particularly the feminist movement)

Where violence and abuse remains a significant and recognised 'social issue' across society; vital research into the role of and 'damage' effect of digital content will enable us to have an advanced knowledge of how seemingly 'flexible' and casually shared items may esculate violence or abuse.

Under the research of CRiVA our efforts are seeking to  play a leading role in developing new research agendas in this fluid area. Outputs will include collaboration with other academics, policy makers, practitioners, activists and more (!)  With the assurance that our research is socially significant and has a high level of impact, for more a future post will be in order.