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May 2013

Hello. hello  [he-loh, huh-, hel-oh]

Part of Speech: interjection

Definition:      how do you do

Synonyms:     bonjour, buenas noches, buenos dias, good day, good morning, greetings, hey, hi, hi-ya, how are you, how goes it, howdy, howdy-do, shalom, welcome, what's happening, what's up.

Dear You,

What’s happening here then? I bring you A Page With Views – this being my newly launched blog and accompanying site for all of my Hardey content.  You’ll appreciate that no digital project is ever complete, so this is an ever-evolving and emerging space that will hopefully conspire to be a magnificent digital object and enjoyed by the eyes and brains of you and others.

You can explore all elements at your leisure. Get lost. And return here again for something new. You really should.

More notes and editing will follow, at which point there will be sense and nonsense.

So, that's it. A whole new website and more on its way. 

You may want to tweet at my delight @thatdrmaz

So hello also brings its antonyms: adios, au revoir, and goodbye. For now.