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Greedy b*st*rds

June 2013

Thanks to an especially mad and wonderful colleague at the University of Durham (I am sure Mark won't mind my describing him in such glowing terms, we are equally mad), I have just come across the following 'guide';

Holbrook, Morris B. "The Greedy Bastard’s Guide to Business." Journal of Macromarketing (2013). This was rather aptly timed, as discussions this morning were formed around the theme of greed. How the greedy are getting greedier; the poor, poorer; the rich, richer; and the rest of those classic debates that end up with us all either wanting to disassociate from an unhappy (and increasingly endangered) middle ground, to concluding that Chief Executive Officers, Corrupt Politicians, Clergyman, Jewel-bedecked Drug Dealers (yes this is a 'real' demographic category), Crime Lord (my favourite box to tick in census data), Sports Hero/ine, Entertainer (go away Robbie Williams), and Authors (*waves*) not only exist, but also hold their own ground that can be fuelled by greed, AND other treasures of science and wisdom.

The best part of this lurvely article discusses the necessary preparations required '...for your role as a Greedy b*st*rd'. This requires some form of 'specialised education'.  Take it from me, and the advice from the research, it is a 'terrible mistake' to waste education on something really useless like English Literature, or Women's Studies, or Sociology. I've got the full hat-trick by the way.  Obviously these are pointless fields of enquiry that only compel and encourage a different form of Wasteland from T.S. Eliot's (see that English Literature BA (hons) not helping us out at all here), and neither reflect what goes on in the real world (no point researching women then), or provide a reliable pathway to gainful (read successful) employment (society doesn't really enable such structures). All this is true; unless you're me, writing this. Then you're not a greedy b*st*rd and you are faking it until you make it.

In the real, real world, I lecture at Durham University Business School, and I often wonder what would be REALLY useful for our students to understand?... Holbrook and Morris ponder the same; such as as mini-courses in basic manners, classroom participation, decency, etiquette (read this), and ones I would like to add; social media, disconnection, saying 'thanks' and being Human.

Read this if being a greedy b*st*rd appeals. Or if you want to be able to spot on in the wild.

I'm currently writing: The Mean B*tches Guide to Business. I think Holborn and Morris, and friends a're missing a trick here.