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Wherein Dr. Hardey reflects on the latest COMMUNICATION new thing, experience, or something else for readers, nosey parker’s and procrastinators.

Social media is easy to chronicle, but bewildering to practice.”

--me with some inspiration from E.M. Forster, A Room With A View

Holy insta-Pope

1839, American photographer Robert Cornelius captured his self-image on light sensitive film, now exhibited at the American Treasures of the Library of Congress as the earliest extant American portrait photo. Today's selfie embodies a range of cultural values from individualism and narcissism to empowerment and self-improvement and involve an unprecedented rise in self-portraiture specifically designed for sharing. Thus, the Pope @Franiscus, is for sharing... More

Compulsive creativy

There is a phenomenon called 'social media marketing' and it is over-hyped. More

This is social media 'marketing': How to incentivise by dog on social media

Yet it is Dog who reigns supreme. With the right combination of fantastically portrayed canine portraiture and poses, you can have a very bright social media future. If you're a dog with a tale (see what I did there), who's been down on your luck, has an exceptionally brilliant tongue, cheeky eyes and a waggy tail, you're probably at the top of the social media threshold that would tear down a Kardashian nudist party. More

'Boozy'; 'pretty'; 'sexy'; 'weird'; 'boring' and 'nice top' - a week of locating top CVs via social media profiles

I warned this would be like looking around a zoo with a bag of sh*t and identifying which animal was the author by a scratch and sniff test. In short, this was going to be messy. More

I am lonely and allergic to the modern workaday

Moving house last week, I found some additional disconnected correspondence. One of my favourties, from which I include extracts below, are material from an American poet who - to quote - enjoyed: '...shamefacedly enclosing [...] the full-page one from Sting from New York [...] The long handwritten one from the philosopher Mary Midgley (which I had reduced so that it will fit down the middile of one page) [and] mentions an objection to the persistent intrusion [...] into ordinary life.' More

Ten myths about social media and the power of visual culture

It seems important to me not to overstate the power of aesthetics, but also important not to let the presence of co-consumptive content be treated as a side-dish to key literatures on marketing, consumption, society and culture. What then can we observe about social media? More

Serial as co-consumptive narrative

So far, Serial has done more, arguably, to enhance our understandings of co-consumptive narrative form than other medium, broadcast shows, or scholarly publication. What is unique - and, thus, appealing from our perspective, is how Serial in podcast form develops a clear linear narrative that is shaped by morally complex (often dubious in character) individuals who step over and often cross boundaries of social, political, criminal and cultural control. More

the most knowledgeable people about participatory culture

In summary, open source, open data, 'open marketing' (could this be a 'thing') intelligence infused with social media data enables an access to consumer's social lives for investigation, management, targeting, 'manipulation', and big data pursuits. These 'sexy themes' should provoke a preoccupation with the origins and circulations of consumer content. More

Want to avoid other people's 'brand' campaigns? The tedium that has to be acknowledged

Too much quieting of the overture of influence misses the conditions necessary for individuals to co-develop with brands and exercise their own autonomy. Theirs and yours autonomy requires degrees of freedom to monitor, scrutinise and familiarise ourselves with the new methods of informal advertisements. More

why it's time to take the 'influence' out of sponsored social media content

The forced distinction put in place by companies seeking to establish themselves as holding the rollerdeck of 'top influencers' actually perpetuates the inflation SPAM advertising and the opportunitistic monetisation of social media. There's a whole emerging economy involved in turning lots of followers into a revenue stream. More

Alphabet remains inside the McBrand

McBRAND: A well-known, global, common-prestige product, with variable/little competition from wider market sector. Frequently considered an everyday brand by ordinary everyday people. Inspired by Douglas Coupland: Generation X, "McJOB" More

Work it! Casting a light on precarious labour in Las Vegas

As an exploration of persistent sex-based inequalities and gendered discrimination within the service industry this paper examines the predatory discriminatory labour practices and over-representation of gender in Las Vegas focusing on the audition and hiring of seasonal staff. More

Social City: The Digital Self as Utopian Other

In the twenty-first century, social media can be constituted as a utopian imaginary space in which alternate versions of the self can be projected… More

Consuming Crime

One of the defining moments of 2014 aurally, for your ears, was the popularlity of the podcast Serial. At the end of this month - ie. now - along with Professor Simon James of Durham University's fine English Department we will be presenting at the Consuming Crime conference in Limerick. More

First report on digital culture from London's TechCity

This report is based on research to understand the networked culture of London's Tech City and professional opportunities for women in particular. So far the data produced is a clear picture of differing opportunities, need for anonymity and what happens when failure is so public. More

To be squared [²]


breaking up on social media

Complaint to Virgin Media Broadband More

Downright scary BIG data

I'm going to pursue the idea of marketing narratives. This refers to consumer's and brand-maker's newfound ability to punctuate the landscape of social media with user-generated content... More

Up front Selfie congratulations

This much we know so far, 'selfie's' get under people's skin, as a self-referential point of self-congratulation; as much as an artifice construction of a social moment. More

not body building abs

Now I'm not against playing the academic game here - within reason. And I have just finished writing a paper about young women's 'exposure' and their reactions to commercial content through digital social platforms. More

real viral explanation

There's a degree of horror when I hear these turns of phrase. I also hear Mark Zuckerberg rubbing his $hands together and his Friends in Facebook's Marketing Team chanting 'We can do it! We can do it!' For this is not a social platform anymore, but a viral hotbed. More

The William Morris Tile Game

There is a clean (surprising for me) title to this blog post. Another title might be borrowed from Terra Nova's observation; "Gamification is Bullshit?." (modification all my own work), as an assertation, rather than a question. More

Greedy b*st*rds

Thanks to an especially mad and wonderful colleague at the University of Durham (I am sure Mark won't mind my describing him in such glowing terms, we are equally mad), I have just come across the following 'guide'... More

item of note CRiVA

May I draw your attention to CRiVA, a new Research Centre at Durham University - set for launch this coming Thursday, 6th June 2013. More


Hello. An introductory post for my new blog, at my new website. More

ShiftHappens when you're least expecting it

Today was a very special day in the calendar, nay momentus event at once being ShiftHappens with Marcus Romer and at the same time my first 'outing' and moment back on stage. More

Special Post: An invitation

Invitation to a celebration of the life of Mike Hardey More

Media and Riots - a social response

We are all familiar with social media... In the run up to this one-day event Before we got together I have tried to take account of some of the ‘uproar’ that has been raised - so far as it has been within any one person’s capacity to do so. More

the reassurance that whatever you are doing is OK. OK.

On one level this post confirms how social has long shaped human relationships that, in turn, have also influenced the development of other communication resources and social practices. More

Rat Pack

How software acts in often unseen and concealed ways in order to sort people, places and things... Like things, human agency is being rated, being sorted and assembled. More

Don't point that social media at me, it might go off.

This is/n't eMarketing? The audience has been quick to respond. My take away messages included how eMarketing is MISSING THE MESSAGE. More

Missing the message

In the next couple of weeks I'll be attending, presenting and chairing at my first Marketing Conference, the internationally acclaimed: The Academy of Marketing. Hopefully this won't put me off for life. More

Please do not write below this line

Has Twitter thought of a way of hosting and managing academic outputs I wonder?... More

Intriguing and stupid

ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers: "We have provided a platform for the next generation of creativity and inspiration." More

Engaging with both differently.

You can't have it both ways'. At least that's what I've been told by many an Academic, institution and navel gazing commercial organisation. More

Legal pitfalls and bottom-feeding from user-generated data

I’m co-running the Information Systems 2nd year Undergraduate course at Durham University this year and one component will be data surveillance, property rights, tort risks and privacy policies. More

BBC social media summit

Particularly good was an overheard exchange between two well-established, and instantly recognisable BBC executive faces, who were heard to exclaim and dismiss twitter as 'just gossip mongering'... More